The Quality Policy of Volgograd State Technical University

For realization of the development strategy of Volgograd State Technical University, its administration has specified the following fundamentals of the Quality Policy:

  1. Supporting of the compliance of educational activities with:
    • State (national) and international educational and quality standards;
    • Increasing society demand in qualified specialists and research workers and educators of high qualification;
    • Trainees' demands in mental, cultural, intellectual, and moral development.
  2. Establishment of stable mutually beneficial contacts with all parties interested in educational activities, learning and foreseeing their demands, and realizing these demands within educational process;
  3. Leadership and personal responsibility of administrative workers on all levels, providing for understanding by every worker his/her tasks, functions, powers, and responsibilities;
  4. Active involvement of lecturers, employees, and trainees in the activities aimed at education quality improvement by means of continuous competence upgrade, motivation rising, support of creative initiative, development of corporate culture;
  5. Development of scientific schools, support of investigations and creative activities of research workers, educators, and trainees;
  6. Integration of educational process with scientific researches and works, strengthening of creative connections with scientific institutions, enterprises, and other organizations;
  7. Conducting of regular self-certification and learning the experience of leading educational institution, as the tools of the university activities perfection;
  8. Widening of educational services, providing fo