Volgograd State Technical University

Our University pays great attention to fundamental and applied research and to the development of priority areas of science, technology and technological progress, as well as to the output of science-driven products. VSTU has a dynamically developing school of metallurgists, chemists, mechanical engineers, material engineers, welders, instrumentation engineers, as well as high-level developing science, highly-qualified specialists training. Focus on research determines further innovative development of VSTU.

Primary scientific programs:

  1. Dynamics, strength, reliability of machines, mechanisms and details.

  2. Hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer in rheologically complex environments.

  3. Formation of physical bases for explosive welding and development of technological processes of production of composite layered and fibrous materials on their base.

  4. Methods of quality and optimization evaluation.

  5. Improvement of the effectiveness of auto tractor internal combustion engine.

  6. Improvement of properties of work pieces for mechanical engineering by optimization of metallurgical and engineering processes.

  7. Development of advanced polymer materials with improved service properties.

  8. Fine organic synthesis. Chemistry and engineering of organic compounds.

  9. Theory and design of computing means, systems, complexes and nets.

  10. Strength and service reliability of over loaded transmissions.

  11. Development of constructions, technologies of production and diagnosis of automobile automated brake systems.

  12. Systems of automated design.

  13. Research and development of mechanical processing and means of automated management, control and adjustment methods.

  14. Scientific rationale of economic reform.