Novakov Ivan Alexandrovich

Common information

Novakov Ivan Alexandrovich
Professor, D. Sc. (Chemistry), Academician of RAS, President of VSTU
Date of birth: 
2 July 1949
  • • Education: Volgograd Polytechnical Institute, 1971.
  • • PhD defense in 1971
  • • Doctor’s degree in 1991
  • • Professor since 1991
  • • Corresponding Member of RAS, 2003
  • • Academician of RAS, 2011
Awards, honorary titles: 
  • “Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation” (2004),
  • “Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation” (1998),
  • Holder of the award named after S.V. Lebedev of RAS Presidium (2007),
  • Holder of the award of the hero-city Volgograd in the field of science and engineering (2004),
  • Awards of the Volgograd Region in the field of science and engineering (2011),
  • Award of the publishing company “Science/Interperiodicals” for the best publication (2005);
  • Award pin “Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of the Russian Federation” (2009),
  • “Order of Honor” (1999),
  • “Order for Merit to the Fatherland of the 4th degree” (2010),
  • Sign of Administration of Volgograd “For the Faith to the Fatherland” (1999);
  • Title of “Honored citizen of the Volgograd Region” (2013),
  • Member of Scientific Council of RAS in the field of high molecular compounds,
  • Chairman of the Dissertation Council in VSTU,
  • Member of editorial boards of several journals, list of Higher Attestation Commission, including “High molecular compounds”, "Applied Chemistry" and others.

I.A. Novakov has been working at Volgograd State Technical University since 1971, in the capacity of Rector – from 1989 to 2014, since February 6, 2014 – in the capacity of President of the University. There are 11 Doctors of Sciences and 49 PhDs among students of I.A. Novakov.


The total amount of publications is more than 1100, including monographs – 6, manuals – 11, articles – 493.


The total amount of inventions is more than 175.

Room number: 
241 (Main Academic Building)
+7 (8442)24-80-00
Research Areas: 
  1. Development of scientific principles of synthesis, modification and formulation of polymers and composite materials with specific properties (heat stability, high hydrolytic resistance, flame resistance, polyelectrolytic and sorption properties, fibre-forming ability, etc.) and high operating characteristics.
  2. Development of scientific principles of synthesis of biologically active compounds and research of their properties.
  3. Research in the field of ecology and rational use of natural resources.