The fest “Students’ spring on Volga”

Информация о событии
5 April 2017

The students will take part in the annual creative fest aimed at the search and support of the talented youth. The laureates will be part of delegation representing Volgograd Region in the All-Russian fest “Russian Students’ spring on Volga” in Tula.

This event is organized by Volgograd Regional Social Organization of Russian Youth Union “Center of Youth Politics” supported by the Committee of Youth Politics of Volgograd Region.

The individual participants and the collectives have to perform in 5 nominations (“Music”, “Theatre”, “Original Genre”, “Choreography” and “Journalism”) on the concert stage. 

The jury consists of Volgograd cultural and art workers, representatives of social organizations and journalists. The winners’ names will be declared at the end of the month during the gala concert.