XXXIII festival of STEMs ‘Earth is the planet of people”

Информация о событии
30 March 2017

The XXXIII international festival of the student theaters of variety miniatures ‘Earth is the planet of people” opened yesterday in Volgograd. VSTU has been its organizer during all these years.

This time the collectives from Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Pyatigorsk, Novomoskovsk, Bryansk, Qazan, Kamyshin and Volgograd came to the creative forum.

The festival was opened by the dancing groups “Experiment” and “Granat” from VSTU and the rector’s orchestra of Volgograd State Agricultural University. Pavel Terelyansky, Head of the project “Confiture” and Ulia Golubeva, graduate from VSTU and actress of the STEM “Look out!” told about the history of the daisy, symbol of the festival.

Then Ivan Novakov, President of VSTU and Academician of RAS, declared the contest opened.

The theatrical union “The second cast” presented the program of miniatures “In each of us”: the engineer and the fireman, the doctor and the teacher - they are different but the art lives in everybody!

The students’ theatre “City Services” of the Architecture and Engineering Institute of VSTU presented the musical comedy “The year of cinema”. 

The actresses of the organization “Fox” (Rostov-on-Don) told about the search of the meaning of life, the mental freedom and the self-perfection.

The STEM «NonLove» (Samara) presented the humoristic miniatures about the friendship with animals.

The final scene “The city of Angels” was made by the creative laboratory “Flower dust”: they told about the Angels who lived with people and were ready to lose their wings for love.