Krasnoarmeysky Mechanical and Metallurgical Faculty

In 1964 a faculty of Volgograd polytechnical institute was established in Krasnoarmeysky district on request of several industrial enterprises. Primarily it was a general technical faculty that offered extra-mural education for workers of the local enterprises. That year first 150 students were enrolled in mechanical and engineering programs. The faculty occupied several classrooms in one of the schools. V.N. Kuibyshev, an engineer of Volgograd Oil Refinery Plant, was the first dean of the faculty.

From 1965 till 1982 the faculty was located in one of the buildings of Oil Refinery Plant. At that time it was headed by V.V. Naumov, also an engineer of the plant. Industrial enterprises of Krasnoarmeysky district supplied the faculty with laboratory and testing equipment, devices, furniture, chemical agents and glassware, etc. Within a year the chairs of organic and inorganic chemistry, physics and electrical engineering were set up.

The faculty offers training in the following specialties: "Technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis", "Machine-building technology, metal-cutting machines and tools", "Chemical production machines and devices", "Economics and organization of chemical production".